Chick's World

Chicks World is a hybrid lifestyle-travel series that aims to venture into the enthralling world of ‘girldom’ and reveal the action packed adventurous side of girl’s lives. And we’re not talking tea parties and tapestry. We’re talking extreme sports and jobs like snowboarding instructing, martial arts, mechanics, aeronautics, sky diving instructing, skateboarding, women’s football, scuba diving, girls BMX, body building and much more…but all done by women. Three presenters will embark on a wild journey around Victoria to uncover the achievements of some very brave and inspiring women. From the slopes of Mt Bulla to the dusty roads of rural Victoria Chicks World aims to promote women’s sports and career choices which rest outside the domestic domain and sit firmly on the wild side.


"Currently not on air"


Kami Gillick-Lewis


Catchup TV