The PI Law Show

The PI Law Show brings the law to life with real stories and real legal personalities! The hosts tell it like it is: explaining what personal injury law actually means and how anyone with a real claim can go about obtaining compensation for an injury.

Have you been involved in a motor vehicle or road accident? Have you sustained any injury in the course of your employment? Have you suffered injury from the negligence of a medical professional? Have you slipped on a footpath in a supermarket? Watch the PI Law Show to learn how you can obtain compensation for your injuries and losses.

The PI Law Show is hosted by the four leading partners at Nowicki Carbone Lawyers who dedicate their practice to representing injured people – Tony Carbone, John Karantzis, Nunzio Tartaglia and Don Maffia. Together their experience is invaluable as they have dedicated their lives to representing real people with real claims.

Tune in on Monday nights at 9:30pm on Channel 31 with repeats throughout the week! This is the show for you!


Monday 8pm
Repeated Wednesday 12am, Thursday 12am


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