Digital Tuning

How do I connect to C31 on Digital?

If you are already enjoying Digital Television, you may need do an automatic channel scan on your digital TV or set top box so that it can find C31 and store it in your device's memory. After you have done this once, you'll be able to get straight to C31 by going to digital channel 44, so long as you live inside our licence area.

As every set up is different, there's not a generic set of instructions that will work for all televisions. If you're having trouble re-scanning your channels, please refer to your devices manual or contact their support centre. Some of the popular companies Support Departments can be contacted by clicking on the links below.

HealingVisit website SharpVisit website
LGVisit website  SonyVisit website
PalsonicVisit website StrongVisit website
PanasonicVisit website TeacVisit website
SanyoVisit website ToshibaVisit website

How do I know if I'm within the licence area?

You can have a look at our coverage map, or enter your postcode below. Check the row 'MELBOURNE TV1'. If 'MGV' is in the list, then you're within our licence area.

* Data supplied by ACMA.

I have Foxtel. Can I get C31?

While C31 isn't available as a channel on Foxtel, if you are able to bypass your Foxtel connection and receive regular analogue / digital channels through your television, you shouldn't have any problems picking up C31.

I need the technical details of the broadcast.

C31's digital service is broadcast from the Ornata Rd site (ATV-10 tower) at Mt Dandenong on UHF channel 32 (frequency 557.625MHz). It is also rebroadcast from the Como Centre translator site at South Yarra on UHF 66 (frequency 795.5MHz).

The transmission uses QPSK modulation, and carries a single standard definition television channel in MPEG2 format.

The logical channel number of the service is Channel 44. 

What could be the problem if I still can't get C31?

There are potential issues in apartment buildings, such as antennas and filters which are designed specifically for the existing channels - so the antenna system might be filtering out any signal that's broadcast on UHF 32 (Mt Dandenong) or 66 (Como). It's something that you'd have to take up with the body corporate to find out the exact details of what equipment they have and what it's doing to the signal.

Otherwise, you may live outside of our licence area, or you may be located in a shadow area which doesn't receive a clear signal from Mt Dandenong or Como. Unfortunately these problems are out of our control, and we suggest that you speak with an Antenna specialist or watch your favorite programs on the C31 website if you are unable to pick us up on your television set.

C31 No Longer Broadcasting On Analogue

On Thursday 1st March 2012, Channel 31 switched off its Analogue Signal. But continues to broadcast on Digital 44.

From the 1st March 2012, to receive C31 you will need a Digital Television or a Digital Set Top Box to use with your analogue television.

To receive us, simply auto tune your television and it should automatically pick up Digital 44. If not, most televisions have a manual tune option where you can enter our digital frequency: 557.625

For more information on switching to digital see the government website or contact them on 1800 20 10 13.

If you are having trouble receiving C31 contact us directly on 9660 3131 and we will assist you however we can.