We are Melbourne and Geelong


Sunday 9pm
Repeated Friday 7.30am

America’s Next Top Model meets Melbourne’s Girl Next Door. FASX is a show about Aus-Filo everyday girls...

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Community Kitchen

Wednesday 8:30pm
Repeated Friday midnight
Saturday 1:30pm

12 Comedians. 12 Kitchens. 1 Big Mess.

Free from professionals, master chefs or...

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Famous with Luis

Monday 7.30pm

Join Luis and exciting celebrities as they discuss the ins and outsides of show business in my new talk show, Famous...

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That's Good For Footy

Thursday 6pm
Repeated Friday 4pm

That's Good For Footy presents Footy Fanatics, a live AFL footy panel show. Join host Tony Shaw as he is joined each...

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New Game Plus

Monday 10:30pm
Repeated Wednesday 2am & Saturday 1am

New Game Plus is a new look take on gaming TV. Incorporating a strong gaming focus, with a healthy dose of related...

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C31 Guide for 21st April, 2014

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