We are Melbourne and Geelong

Local Footy Show

Friday 7pm
Repeated Saturday 9am

Featuring match-of-the-day highlights, high-profile guests, topical football news and a host of magazine-style...

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Sightsee TV

Thursday 6pm
Repeated Friday 7:30am

Sightsee TV is the travel show uncovering the stories behind towns all over Australia, looking at their history, and...

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About Tonight

Monday 9:30pm
Repeated Saturday 2am

Filmed in the C31 studios!

In January 2015, we gave the late night studio keys to some of...

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Game Night

Monday 8pm
Repeated Thursday 12am
Friday 2am
Sunday 3:30am

Game Night, where competitive, televised board games have finally reached the pinnacle of sporting success:...

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The Flying Show

Starts April 15
Wednesday 6:30pm
Repeated Thursday 11:30am, Saturday 1pm

The Flying Show is a new and unique show centred on everything and anything that flies and is intended to fly,...

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C31 Guide for 3rd July, 2015

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