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Our Story

Community Builder is the social enterprise division of Channel 31 TV, a Community TV station that has been broadcasting across Melbourne and Geelong for 25 years. Our values as an organisation have always been about helping to give a bigger voice to those in need. As well as helping to showcase local communities, we’ve always been especially engaged with stories that help to focus on minority, disability, health, multicultural, youth, and environmental causes. 

Community Builder builds on this long legacy, and is the dedicated video production division of C31 TV, designed exclusively for non-profits. We search for organisations that share our vision and values, and help build the video content and stories they need to better achieve their online and strategic goals. 

Whether it be video storytelling to help engage and grow online or social media audiences, or video communications for stakeholders, clients, donors, grant bodies, philanthropists, government, decision makers or the broader public, our purpose is to help charities tell their stories better in the digitally connected online world.

Launch Housing

With a Royal Commission into the Victorian Mental Health System underway, Launch Housing sought out Community Builder's help to share their clients stories, and build a better future for those sleeping rough on Victoria's streets.

Using hero and hygiene video pieces partnered with our state of the art digital marketing platform, Launch Housing was able to spread their message and have their voices heard in the commission.
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Our Services

Project Basis


Designed for one-off projects in need of a quote.

Shoot Once, Edit Forever

For those needing a stream of content to drip feed to their audience throughout the year.

Video Livestreaming

TV quality live video streaming, built for your audiences to watch on Facebook or YouTube.

Our Work

Edgar's Mission

Video Production

Kids First Australia

Video Production • Social Media Marketing

Thorne Harbour Health


Action for Dolphins

Video Production


Video Production

Project 1 Million

Video Production • Social Media Marketing

Trust For Nature

Featuring the historic Neds Corner in Victoria's Mallee region, Community Builder has helped Trust for Nature showcase their work in rehabilitating the biodiversity of this 30,000 acre property.

All captured in 4K, this showpiece video content has helped enable Trust for Nature to create compelling conversations with their target audiences online, that highlights their impact and helps create new opportunities for funding and donation support.
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Our Clients

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