Launch Housing

With the recent Royal Commission of the Mental Health system, Launch Housing engaged Community Builder to bring awareness to their key messaging surrounding the correlation between homelessness, complex needs and the navigation of the mental health system. In collaboration with their in-house digital team, Community Builder, created an engaging impact campaign, with a deployment strategy across their social media platforms. 

The use of video content became the key driver in delivering these key messages. Filming occurred in-house at our Melbourne CBD studio, where the space was made for lived experiences to be recorded with real life clients. A production of 4 hero videos was then broken down into key soundbytes to further drive and fuel this campaign. Our team, also ensured, best practices were abided to. Such as; captions, aspect ratios and tone aligned with the particular social media platforms. 

Community Builder then deployed all assets through our partner platform, Tiger Pistol, exceeding 100,000 video views in the space of a month; building awareness for the Launch Housing brand, and their submission into the Mental Health Royal Commission.

The campaign in conclusion has been a success, with evidence that the videos created, has sparked new conversations and changed perceptions of the homeless and complex needs. 
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