How do I connect to C31?

If you are within our licence area, we should already be on your channel list! If not, you may need to do an automatic channel scan on your TV or set top box so that it can find C31 and store it in your device's memory. After you have done this once, you will be able to get straight to C31 by going to digital channel 44.

As every setup is different, there's not one generic set of instructions that will work for all televisions. If you're having trouble re-scanning your channels, please refer to your devices manual or contact their support centre

How do I know if I'm within the licence area?

You can have a look at our coverage map, if you're within the purple zone you're within our licence area!

If I have Foxtel, can I get C31?

While C31 isn't available as a channel on Foxtel, if you're able to bypass your Foxtel connection and receive regular digital channels through your television, you shouldn't have any problems receiving a signal from C31.

What are the technical details of the broadcast?

C31's digital service is broadcast from the Ornata Rd site (ATV-10 tower) at Mt Dandenong on UHF channel 32 (frequency 557.625MHz). It also rebroadcasts from the Como Centre translator site at South Yarra on RF CH42 627.5 MHz. The transmission uses QPSK modulation, and carries a single standard definition television channel in MPEG2 format. The logical channel number of the service is Channel 44.

Why can't I get C31?

There are potential issues in apartment buildings, such as antennas and filters which are designed specifically for the existing channels - so the antenna system might be filtering out any signal that's broadcast on UHF 32 (Mount Dandenong) or 42. It's something that you'd have to take up with the body corporate to find out the exact details of what equipment they have and what it's doing to the signal.

Otherwise, you may live outside our licence area, or you may be located in a shadow area which doesn't receive a clear signal from Mount Dandenong or Como. Unfortunately these problems are out of our control, and we suggest that you speak with an Antenna specialist or look for the YouTube and Vimeo channels of our shows to watch them on demand.

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