Melbourne Community Television Consortium

What is the consortium?

The Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

It holds the community television licence allocated to serve the general community within the Greater Melbourne and Geelong licence area, and operates the television broadcast as C31.

To find out more about the programs on C31 and watch videos online, please return to the C31 homepage.
About MCTC


The constitution of Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd contains the rules by which the company is operated. It includes details on membership, and the operations of the Assembly, Board, Programming Committee and Finance Committee.

The current version of the constitution can be viewed and downloaded

All current C31 policies and procedures including the Community TV Codes of Practice can be reviewed via the link below -


Member organisations are focused on providing television access to a specific community of interest or geographical region. They are required to be open, democratic organisations, which allow their members to produce programs and access airtime on C31, and have access to decision making bodies within their own organisation and C31.

You can learn more about membership here.

You can also find a list of our current member groups here, or learn more about becoming a member group here.


Melbourne Community Television Consortium Ltd takes its licence condition to encourage members of the community to participate in the operations of the station seriously. It has a range of committees where volunteers can be part of various aspects of the consortium's operations.

When significant constitutional or policy changes are being developed, these committees will often hold open workgroup meetings to seek a broad range of input on the proposals. When these meetings occur, they will be advertised on the page of the relevant committee.
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