Project 1 Million

With rising global tensions over the past few years regarding race, migrants and ethnicity, we wanted to help create a campaign to showcase the positives of a multicultural Australia.

To do this, we worked alongside brands that celebrate the role of migrant and indigenous populations, and the positive impacts that the shared vision, hopes and dreams of these people play in the Australian way of life. It’s through the role of video storytelling that we give viewers a window into their lives.

Working alongside Amnesty International, The Long Walk, Children’s Ground and All Together Now, we worked to tell the stories of some great Australians, and highlighting their journeys of self-discovery and national pride. Reaching over one million people across TV, social media and other various online platforms, we proved that video stories powered by Community Builder are a valuable way of reaching and influencing the broader public.

Do you think the stories of your clients, volunteers and stakeholders would be a great way to showcase your organisation? Get in touch with the Community Builder team today.
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