TV Sponsorship

Capture the attention of a loyal and culturally diverse Melbourne and Geelong audience on Channel 31.

What will it do for me?

Advertising on TV is a powerful way to build your business and improve your customers trust in your products and services. 

For over 25 years, Channel 31 has worked to promote local small-to-medium sized businesses, by offering affordable marketing packages and acting as a low-cost entry to the world of TV advertising. By airing your sponsorship announcements on C31, you will build recognition of your brand and encourage repeat customers, reach new and existing customers, support your other marketing activities and increase your sales.
We have found that the people who watch C31 want to support the community and small businesses. It's been a great way to build trust in our customers as a reputable company.

The leads we receive from TV are simply of a higher quality when compared to those that come from our website, which often don't convert.

Christine Grant

General Manager
Total Solar Solutions offer affordable green energy solutions for environment-conscious Australians. C31 were tasked with sharing their story, and building their brand.

Let's work together!

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