Helping Total Solar Solutions gain the competitive edge

November 7, 2018

The clean energy sector has been heating up with 172,000 household solar PV installations, making 2017 a record-breaking year for investment in solar energy.

For many homes, solar power offers a solution to rising electricity prices and a variety of rebates across Australia are making the investment even more lucrative for businesses and consumers alike.

As a result, the solar industry in Australia is a heavily competitive market - made up of thousands of small business suppliers, making it difficult for operators to stand out from the crowd.

Total Solar Solutions turned to Channel 31 to give them a point of difference in their marketing strategy and plug into a well-established local audience that supports the community.

General Manager Christine Grant started advertising on channel 31 in June and as her business has seen the benefits she has further extended her partnership with the broadcaster.

“We have found that leads from TV ads are quality leads as opposed to our website which don’t often convert to sales,” she said.

“There may not be as many but they’re really good quality conversations with a high strike rate.”

As millions of Aussies gather around the TV each night, it remains the best way to get brand awareness to a broad audience at a low cost. C31 offers a unique platform, as only 2 sponsorship breaks in a show mean that a captivated audience is engaged in what is shown on their television.

“We have found that the people who watch C31 want to support the community and small businesses,” Grant said. “It’s been a great way to get that trust from the customer as a reputable company.”

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