2019 round 1 CBF content grants now open!

February 22, 2019

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) have opened applications for their first round of content grant funding for 2019!

If you’ve ever wanted to make a TV show but haven’t had the funds to get it off the ground, the CBF offers the perfect opportunity to help make your dreams a reality.

For background, the CBF is a non-profit funding agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia.

CBF Content Grants are a great way to get your latest and greatest concept off the group, with programs such as Silent ComedyDeath of an Axolotl and Project 1 Million (a Community Builder initiative) all created with the support of CBF funding.

If you’re applying to make some form of video content with your grant application, then you will need to find a CBF approved organisation to auspice it for you. Every organisation is different, so you’ll need to get in touch with them directly to find out what their processes for auspicing are like.

Organisations that can auspice your grant for you need to be one of the below:

  • A community radio station with a long-term or temporary licence
  • A community television station
  • An incorporated non-profit community broadcasting sector organisation
  • A remote indigenous media organisation or remote indigenous broadcasting service
  • An incorporated not-for-profit organisation producing content or auspicing on behalf of an independent producer with an agreement for distribution

A great way to either meet or exceed the requirements for your grant application is to add a letter of support that outlines a broadcaster’s intentions to distribute your content.

We provide letters of support to programs and producers that we feel would suit our network, or that offers representation to a marginalised or niche community group/interest. If you’re interested in going down this path, you will need to submit a program proposal for us to have a look over.

For more info, please get in touch with our Programming Team at info@c31.org.au.

If you’re looking to submit a grant application in this round, you will need to get your program proposal to us before the 1st of March. 

For more information on the grants application process, and the specifics of what the CBF are looking for, you can visit their website here.

Good luck!

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