Getting a leg up with the C31 Screen Access Program

April 12, 2019

For many years C31  has been inspiring and motivating up and coming screen practitioners of tomorrow, through our acclaimed Screen Access Program.

The Screen Access Program provides opportunities for students, graduates and volunteers to participate in the activities of the station, from broadcast operations through to creating content for C31's TV and online platforms.  This program enables participants to hone their craft in real world industry setting that can't be replicated in the classroom.

C31's Head of Production, Shane Dunlop, has been instrumental in shaping the program and has seen it grow in numbers over the last 6 years.

‘The C31 Screen Access Program works to provide people from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and abilities to further their pursuit of a career in screen & media.’

Sarah Lewis is one of those individuals who is participating in the Screen Access Program this autumn, and over the last month, she has found value in every aspect of the program.

Sarah is currently studying Film and Television, majoring in Media and Communication, at Deakin University and has decided to complete her placement section of her course through the Screen Access Program.

Sarah began the program about a month ago and has enjoyed every moment of it. She originally applied after working on other C31 affiliated productions, SYN’s 1700 and the Victorian Swimming Open Championships live broadcast. Through this, Sarah was able to join our Facebook Production Noticeboard where she found the listing for the program.

‘I saw that Shane has posted that C31 was looking for new volunteers, so I decided to apply’.

Over her short time at C31, Sarah has learnt a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. She has been able to improve her editing skills in Adobe Premier Pro. Videos she has edited include our online series Best 5 in 5 as well as Broadcast Radio Australia. Sarah has also learnt about ingest and traffic with our Programming Manager.

‘I now have a better understanding of how shows end up on TV ’ she stated.

Sarah also mentioned that she has a better understanding of the processes behind tv broadcast.

Sarah has been interested in the film and television industry for several years and spend her gap year volunteering with SYN and working on 1700. She chose to join the program at C31 to help further her career. Sarah has found her time here beneficial as it has given her a way to apply the knowledge she’s learnt during her course in a practical way. Currently, Sarah wishes to graduate from university and begin her career in some aspect of the media industry.

‘C31 is a great place to volunteer at. I admire their commitment to representing various community groups and their commitment to keeping community TV open for equal opportunities’.

If you wish to join our Screen Access Program, join our Production Noticeboard to be updated on the latest openings.

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