Introducing Connected Communities

May 11, 2018

C31 has a long history broadcasting content created by local multicultural communities, contributing to diversity of voice on Free to Air TV and promoting social harmony and cohesion.

In recent times C31 has been evolving to meet the challenge of digital disruption as audiences increasingly change their viewing habits to online platforms. This behavioural shift presents both a challenge and an opportunity for local content creators to connect with their audiences in an online world.

Connected communities are stronger, more resilient.  C31 is supporting diverse production groups to create content optimised for digital platforms and to grow their online communities.  Building channels of online audience via video production enables communities to connect, engage and share their culture and stories.

By 2020 80% of all online content consumed will be video.  We encourage producers to develop video content strategies with social platforms like Facebook and YouTube in mind, because these platforms offer significant opportunity to be discovered and seen by new audiences, locally and indeed globally.

Online platforms also provide opportunities for local content creators to get noticed, monetise, and provide significant return on investment to their local sponsors. C31 is empowering its creative community to develop their online models by offering infrastructure, technology solutions such as live streaming services, and digital marketing support.

Are you a C31 producer looking to develop your online distribution model? Contact us to arrange a chat about the possibilities for your program.

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