Students bring the 2019 Federal Election to Community TV

May 17, 2019

C31 and RMIT, in collaboration with The Junction, are bringing live coverage of the 2019 Federal Election to community stations across the country.

The student powered live broadcast will be an Australian first, bringing Bachelor of Communication (Journalism), Certificate IV in Screen Media (Television Production), and Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services students together to deliver all the insights on the Election to C31 Melbourne, C44 Adelaide and WTV Perth.

The broadcast, named Election 2019, will act as a training ground for both journalism and media students to gain experience in live news broadcasting. Journalism students will get hands on experience in delivering political news live to air while the students behind the camera gain industry grade skills in live broadcasting techniques and practices.

The RMIT students will be joined by students from universities across the county via Skype to help deliver the results from their local areas.

Election 2019 will build on previous political coverage such as Uni PollWatch, and Victoria Votes 2018, to help train and inspire the next generation of media professionals. C31’s ongoing support for university made programs has helped these young people gain the experience and confidence to take the next step in their careers.

Executive producer, Phil Kafcaloudes, is excited for the students to get involved.

“Our fabulous studio facilities are allowing this convergence of talent, not just from RMIT, but from universities all over the country. By using three of our studios at once we’re able to offer something that matches the mainstream media broadcasts”, he said.

Election 2019 will broadcast live from RMITV studios on C31 from 6pm, Saturday the 18th of May.

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