The content trends you need to know in 2018

April 13, 2018

Is your content approach still effective in 2018?

BuzzSumo, a digital trends tool, has released its 2018 key content trends report, which reviewed content performance on factors such as social shares and links. Their biggest insight? Social sharing has declined by 50% since 2015, with the majority of content seeing very few shares and generating no backlinks. 

BuzzSumo has put this down to three factors; growth in content competition, the increase of private sharing (dark posts) and the infamous Facebook algorithm changes. 

Non-profits now more than ever require a revised content plan, sourcing great content producers and conducting in-depth audience research. Not only this but understanding the power of private sharing and how the algorithm will affect their brand – and what can be done about it!

Also, Facebook has cracked down on ‘lower quality content’. With BuzzSumo reporting ‘clickbait style headliners are far less effective at generating engagement as they once were’. In terms of lessons for marketing. The report outlined that marketers need to have clear objectives for content and social media. They should no longer chase shares with viral content and headliners.

Furthermore, it is suggested to build an audience with a direct distribution model and lastly take advantage of user generated content. When looking at referral traffic focus on SEO and email marketing which has had high and more stable success compared to the current social media landscape.

The BuzzSumo Content Trends 2018 is worth a read. You can view the full report here.

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