Hump Shopping Network

Helping to launch eBay Australia's Hump Month campaign in 2017, we partnered with content producer's Plot Media (powered by the juggernaut VICE) providing access to the Channel 31 studio. Using our studio production expertise to expand the campaign and produce four, four-hour live-to-Facebook informercial programmes every Wednesday night, interacting with and reaching an average audience of 1.5 million Australians, who both participated in purchasing products for sale, or simply enjoying the hijinks.

Tasked with helping to facilitate a very complicated four-hour broadcast, with hundreds of graphics, and two live-sets, all whilst creating a "loose and live" vibe, the Channel 31 production team worked in conjunction with Plot Media to transform the studio space into a 90's infomercial set and developed methods to optimise the delivery of content for both mobile and desktop devices.

The Hump Shopping Network campaign was a breakthrough production in leveraging Facebook's new Live feature to effectively market brands and products. Described by Buzzfeed as "barely scripted, brash and brutally unhinged", the Hump Shopping Network was a classic comedy production, transformed into a live marketing juggernaut.
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