Six at 6

The Melbourne Comedy festival has been making Australians laugh for 30 years. Being internationally revered as one of the top three comedy festivals in the world, the month long event features stand-up comedy, cabaret, theatre and performance art. Alongside famous headline acts, the festival is also a burgeoning playground for new and upcoming talent.

As the live streaming partner of the Tradeshall Venue, Channel 31 shone a spotlight on the rising talents of The Comedy Zone. Over the 4 days to this ticketed event, we created a package of episodic content for television and social platforms. We also delivered a single camera embedded live broadcast for television. Streamed live into mobile devices, the festival website, and social networks, people everywhere shared in the festival experience all in real-time and direct linked to ticket sales.

Along with partnering with the Festival to provide coverage of the Trades Hall Comedy rebrand, producing our seventh annual documentary on the Comedy Zone rising stars and producing our third live-to-TV "Live From Trades Hall" special, the Channel 31 team helped shine a spotlight on the rising talents of the festival. Our team created and packaged episodic content for television and social platforms allowing people everywhere to share in the festival experience all in real-time and direct linked to ticket sales.

From 2017, Channel 31 has also acted as the livestream service provider for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival's 'Six at 6', a program dedicated to showcasing the venues and artists both large and small that are performing during the festival. Live every night of the festival from a different festival venue across Melbourne, the livestream was hosted on the festival's Facebook page, and later uploaded to YouTube for archival purposes. The broadcast not only helped get the word out about festival news and events, but it helped to promote comedians big and small, increasing ticket sales, whilst also providing a product for the festival to leverage for additional sponsorship. Our team produced a live broadcast every evening for 27 days in succession for this initiative."
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