Volunteer Diaries: Chloe

May 24, 2019

With this week being National Volunteer Week, we've spent some time with some of our fantastic volunteers to chat about why they do what they do, and where they want to go in the future!

Today, we sat down with Chloe, a current Programming Assistant and Broadcast extraordinaire.

Before her time with us at C31, Chloe worked a variety of jobs as she traveled and lived all over the globe. After some time as an accountant, she decided that she was ready for a change of pace, and set her sights on working in the media industry.

Chloe began at C31 in October of 2018 with almost no knowledge of the television industry, but a passion to learn new skills and a love of media.

"Volunteering gives you the freedom to choose the kinds of tasks you want to do without being weighed down by employment. It’s a great way to take risks without a large consequence and it can lead to somewhere better." she said.

"Volunteering at C31 is great because I get to be around and make connections with creative, like-minded people."

Outside of C31, Chloe has worked with one of our member organisations RMITV on their news show Half Hour, and she is ready to continue gaining experience in the media industry.

"The reason I decided to pursue a career in the media industry is so I could work in a team to create something tangible and memorable. I wanted my work to continue to live on after I’m gone" she told us.

"Eventually I want to produce or edit content. I would also love to get to the stage where I can give back to the media industry by passing on my skills much like the staff at C31 have done for me."

If you're interested in joining Chloe as a part of the team at C31, keep up to date with our Production Noticeboard on Facebook.

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