Organic vs Paid Content on Facebook

October 25, 2018

Most small businesses these days understand the importance of social media, particularly Facebook, to connect with followers, current customers - and reach new audiences.

But did you know that only a small percentage of your followers will see your content on their timelines if you rely on organic posts?

That's because the algorithm that Facebook uses to order the posts you see changes constantly, and impacts how many people actually see your posts. With more and more content being created on Facebook every day, organic reach is steadily declining - hence why paid advertising are becoming better options to increase your reach and expose your business to new audiences online.

So, why is Facebook Advertising so effective?

1. Precise Audience Targeting

Allowing you to show your ads to an audience based on geographical location, demographic, interest and/or behaviour. You can even target your existing customers (or the people most similar to them) using custom and lookalike audiences, all based on the people who have already visited your website, or your own personal email list.

You can use these tools to only show your ads to the people most likely to purchase (or have an interest in purchasing) your products and/or services, saving you both money and time.

2. Increased Frequency

According to the New York Post, an average consumer will check their phone at least 80 times per day, with millennials often exceeding 150 checks per day.

With the power of social media, you can ensure that every time your target customer checks their phone, your advertisements will be there waiting to greet them.

Every time you show off your products and/or services to your target customer, you're increasing their likelihood to remember your company (known as brand recall) and purchase directly from you.

3. Market To Customers At Any Stage

The buyers journey can be a long and complex route, but with Facebook and Instagram advertising, you can make use of advanced marketing techniques with ease, increasing your return on investment and conversions.

Enhanced by a multi-channel marketing approach (i.e using TV, radio, social media and print together), you can use Facebook to increase your audiences awareness of your product/service (local awareness ads), increase their intent to purchase (website click ads) and maximise conversions (lead generation ads).

4. Maximise Return On Investment 

Considering that Facebook only shows organic posts to a small subset of your existing page likes, spending time developing engaging organic content simply isn't an effective way to spend your time or money. In association with a good marketing strategy, this type of content can be effective - but by itself it's simply not going o drive people into your store, or to shop online.

Facebook's Ad Products can support you in increasing your foot traffic, driving people to your website or submitting their contact details online. Facebook shows your ads to the people most likely to be interested in your business, and take the desired action of your chosen ad objective.

Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is that these advertisements are how Facebook make their money. If they didn't work, the worlds largest social media platform would very quickly go bankrupt - so you can trust that your advertisements are in the safe hands of people who are working their hardest to make sure you're getting the return on investment you desire, and stay on as a paying customer.

If you've been considering using Facebook to advertise your business, but are just not sure how to get started - Why not get in contact with our team of social specialists for a no obligation chat?

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