Connected Communities Kicks Off

August 15, 2019

Connected Communities – C31’s initiative to support multicultural community groups to produce content for broadcast and online – has kicked off its first session training in our CBD studios.

Over the coming weeks, emerging new TV producers from the Victorian Chapter of the Vietnamese Community in Australia, the Victorian Tamil Community Centre and from Sputnik TV Australia will be trained in basic production and editing technique as well as producing content for online and social media channels.

The program is designed to not only equip culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups to produce content but to create an opportunity for intercultural collaboration and resource sharing.  Experienced C31 CALD producers, Marlene Scicluna (Maltese TV) Dorcas Utkovic (Oz African TV) and Gavin Henderson (Bent TV) are also on hand to provide mentorship and support as communities develop their production skills and experience.

C31 Melbourne has a long and storied tradition assisting and supporting diverse cultural groups to create content that celebrates and shares their culture for Free to Air TV – Connnected Communities aims to support groups to better leverage online and social channels to amplify their content and create channels of communication within communities regardless of how their audience consumes content.

The next seminar will be hosted by Mat Karanicolas and will focus on editing techniques and submissions to C31.

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