Is TV advertising right for my business?

July 27, 2018

When it comes to brand building there is still no better medium to advertise on than Television. TV is in 97% of homes and Australians spend an average of 2 hours and 39 minutes per day watching TV, with 90% of that time dedicated to watching live broadcast TV. 

Australians biggest brands still trust TV to achieve their sales goals, expand their reach and gain a competitive advantage.

The good news is that TV can still be a viable platform for many small businesses. - To determine if TV is right for your small business, try asking yourself these questions:

Where are my customers?

TV broadcasts generally cover a very broad geographic footprint – so it suits businesses that draw their customers from across the metropolitan area, have a specialised product or service that people will travel for, or conduct most of their business online or over the phone.

Who are my customers and what are their viewing habits?

The days of a limited number of commercial channels is long gone.  Nowadays, audiences have a vast number of choices; and audiences are fragmenting - so you need to ask yourself what your customers viewing habits are, and which channels and programs are they likely to watch?

If your customers are part of a specific demographic, then care needs to be taken to construct a schedule that is highly targeted, even if the cost per spot is higher.

If your customer base is is broad, then there is still the opportunity to take a more broad approach, with the aim of achieving the largest possible reach at the lowest possible cost.

Do I have the budget for TV?

Advertising in prime time on commercial networks is probably going to be out the reach of most small businesses.  By creating schedules around specific timezones, or using channels with smaller, more targeted audiences, your cost per spot is going to be less and potentially in reach.

Another strategy is to use 15 second commercials.  15 second spots attract a lower cost, which means you can achieve greater reach for your budget.

When it comes to production, creative execution is important however the success of your campaigns will be determined by hitting the right audiences with the right frequency.  Only a maximum 10% of your budget should be spent on producing your commercial.

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